Beyond Love Potion No.9

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Beyond Love Potion No.9

The hardest thing that I have ever had to do in this journey through life is to love. I know that sounds so ridiculous, but it is the truth. Do we truly love? Exactly what is true love? Starting as little girls, we are lulled to conformity through these fairy tales that proclaim love at first sight. We are convinced that this is the love that we so desperately need and if we could just find this “True Love”, we would live happily ever after. So many, if not all of us, fall under the spell of seeking this love and acceptance. We giggle and envy when we think that one of our girlfriends has finally found her prince. We wonder if there could possibly be anymore out there. “Where is MY prince, and is it too late for him to ride in on his white horse and carry me off to our castle? Where have all the good men gone?” We ask with this desperate yearning, crying out from within the deepest part of ourselves.

Where do we find this love that so totally fills our every need? Some fair maidens search the world over and over, happening upon their “prince” in the dark underworld of the cyber illusions. Not caring so much if who he proclaims to be is true or not, but if he can fill this need that runs far deeper than mirrors and magic. And even if a hint of this longing is filled, somehow these maidens are momentarily satisfied. If only for a word or two these precious princesses are willing to exchange their souls to be loved. This is also the mindset that I conformed to as a young maiden, waiting for the prince who had forgotten my address. I took it upon myself to search for him, searching long and wide for this “man” to fill my every need. And I am here to tell you fair maidens, man cannot fill this deep seeded need. I tell you now through all the lies, fairy tales, and the love at first sight experience, love is a choice, not a man-made Potion No9.

The veil was torn in two the night that True Love died. True love is one giving One’s life, One’s desires, and One’s will to save mankind. Ultimate true love is a sacrifice. To love is to give.

I once heard of a sailor who took his son and his son’s friend out on the high seas. A storm brewed, as the fishing boat rocked, and both young men went into the sea. The sailor had but one life-preserver and threw it to his son’s friend. As the sailor vigorously pulled the young man to safety he watched as the waves swallowed his own son. Consumed by confusion to why the sailor would save his life above the man’s sons, the friend inquired of the father. The sailor’s reply was simple, ” My son knew his Savior and therefore I will see him again.”

This, dear friends, is true love.

The hardest part of this for me has been trying to love those who have so willingly left their scars upon my heart. We are commanded to love; it is not a suggestion. It is a choice that must be made to die to one’s self, and love through all hurt and pain. This love is humbling to receive, and almost impossible for humans to give. This love cuts through the darkest of souls and has no boundaries. The enemy cannot stand in it, men melt like wax in it, chains are broken, harsh souls are healed, wounds are sealed, shattered hearts are conformed, tears fall, and emotions soar in the presences of this kind of love. Mankind naturally knows it not, for it does not come from man. It is undeserved and breaks the laws of reason. We must choose to be brave enough to walk into this kind of love, for our human nature will resist it, not wanting it to operate in our fallen mortality.

Beautiful Beloved, shall we conform to the ways of this fallen world and hate those who hate us? Hurt those who have hurt us? Shall we call forth the winds of revenge when they are not ours to command? Or will we choose to follow the leading of the One who called us out of the darkness? Shall we choose to love like the One who forsook His son to save us while we were still drowning? Shall we dare exchange this fairy tale for a sacrificial existence, knowing that we will battle within ourselves to give this kind of love?

Will this love fill us the way we long to be filled deep down, or will it destroy us? As much as it feels like this love will overthrow us to receive it, and kill us to give it, this love is proven more powerful than any other counterfeit, and will set us free if we embrace it.

True love is a choice, not a Love Position No. 9.

All my love,

Angela B. Bowland

(author of More Than a Mud Flap)

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